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Hi, it’s lovely to see you here!

I am Carolin – the founder, traveler soul, photographer and wanna-be html-mastermind behind Breathing Travel. I have been travelling more or less permanently since 2006 and love being on the road. After writing exclusively for my family and friends, I founded this blog in 2014 and called it Breathing Travel, because that’s what I do best. Travel is just my thing!

In November 2014, I finally made the decision to travel and live overseas permanently and sold all the stuff in my apartment, my car and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand. My goal was to combine travel with location independent work. While I already had experience working for a marketing agency in Germany, I then started working freelance as a social media and online marketing consultant. I also trained to build websites on WordPress and have developed this into a professional income stream since.

Home is not a place, it is wherever my heart is. I love being nomadic even though I tend to stay in one place for weeks or months and live like a local. So far, I think working location independent can definitely be combined with traveling! So what’s next? – Don’t worry, I still have tons of ideas in my head!

What is Breathing Travel all about?

My blog is like my big suitcase of travel experiences which I want to share with you!

When I was younger decisions were always something I dreaded. I saw a decision for something as a decision against the alternative and was scared that I would miss out on something. But guess what? I have gotten older and a lot better! Travelling has enabled me and thrown me out of my comfort zone, forced me to make my own life decisions. Daily.

Now my mission on this blog is to motivate you too to seek the adventures you are wanting to live.

Maybe you are still a little bit scared to make a decision to go? I hope you are inspired by my blog to go and see as much as you can of the world. Be curious, the world is beautiful!

I will share all my extensive travel knowledge so you can be well prepared to go explore and experience all those extraordinary things the world has on offer!

Who’s writing?

I am a pretty ordinary girl, born in Germany in the year when the Berlin Wall fell, 1989 (quick, do some maths! – Got it?). My parents raised me in a lovely small country town among chickens and corn fields. At the age of 16 I traded everything I knew for kangaroos and surf beaches and moved to Australia to go to high school.

Ever since my life has not been the same again!


Visiting the Great Ocean Road, Australia in winter, scarf needed!

 Visiting the Great Ocean Road, Australia in winter – scarf needed!

I believe travel can truly give you a new perspective on life, let alone your home country, personal values and people you are surrounded by.

For me paradise was always in Australia. It still is. Maybe because it all started there. The place where my wanderlust was sparked.

Thinking back about all the months and years I have so far spent on this earth I remember the days I spent on the road and living in other countries as most vivid. Travelling makes me feel alive!


Visiting the Moais on the Easter Island in Chile.

At the age of  19 I backpacked through Australia, camped in a van for weeks, worked in a hotel in Perth, planted Strawberries on the Sunshine Coast and sold German pretzels in a bakery in Brisbane. I urged to see more. I snorkelled with the beautiful fish in Fiji, snowboarded through New Zealand and conquered the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

In the past few years I have lived both in Singapore and Peru and travelled extensively around Southeast Asia. I visited the mysterious temples of Bali, jungle trekked through wild Borneo, sat between chickens on a local bus in Vietnam and witnessed the sunrise at Machu Picchu in Peru.

Machu Picchu

 Climbing Huayna Picchu overlooking the lost city of the Incas.

For me I have no doubt, home is not a place, it is wherever my heart is.

I live somehow nomadic since November 2014.

I love photography and am obsessed with Instagram – follow me there!

I encourage slow travel adventures and a local lifestyle.

I think there’s nothing better than a sunny day spent at the beach playing in the waves.

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Driving around Australia in this awesome campervan.

In  the end we only regret the chances
we didn’t take.

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