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Top things not to miss in Yangon, Myanmar

Top Things Not To Miss In Yangon, Myanmar

By On October 10, 2016

Myanmar seems to be on every traveller’s bucket list these days. Not shocker there since the country has recently opened its doors to foreigners after years of relative international isolation. The city… Read More


13 Surprising Things You Should Know Before Travelling To Myanmar

By On June 9, 2016

Burma. Myanmar. Never heard of it? Where is Myanmar actually you are asking? When looking at the world map its pretty much to the left of Thailand and Laos, China sits on… Read More

Yangon Lake

The Best Budget Accommodation In Yangon, Myanmar

By On October 6, 2015

Are you ready to tap into an extraordinary country with charming, welcoming people and golden pagodas scattered all across where life is still simple and Starbucks is still unknown. Mingalaba! Hello and welcome to Myanmar!… Read More

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