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Singapore Sunset Rooftops

14 Singapore Hotel Rooftop Pools To Die For

By On November 3, 2016

Singapore, also known as the Lion City or the Asian Tiger, is jam-packed with activities from sight-seeing, dining, shopping and so much more that you’ll probably like to have some downtime at the… Read More

Singapore Bucket List

The Singapore Bucket List – Highlights of a Trip to the Island State

By On March 10, 2016

Said to be the Switzerland of Asia, Singapore boasts not only with high-rise buildings covered in shimmering modern architecture, but a multi-ethnic population, a huge variety of food and not to speak… Read More

Marina Bay Sands Pool View

A Visit to the Top of the Marina Bay Sands Singapore

By On November 25, 2014

Have you ever dreamt of sitting on top of the world? Then your dream may no longer be one when visiting the famous iconic Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore. As one of… Read More

Marina Bay Sands view Singapore

3 Things to Love About Singapore

By On November 7, 2014

I really enjoyed living in the small city-state of Singapore in 2012 with all its’ multicultural vibe and diverse activities. Now I have recently returned to Singapore on a stopover to Australia to… Read More

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